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About Membership

Food co-ops throughout the U.S. are eligible for membership in NCGA. Find out more about the requirements and benefits of membership.

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NCGA is a business services cooperative for independent retail food co-ops. We are frequently asked whether we play a role in the product selections of our members. Decisions regarding which brands and items to carry is made by each of our member stores individually.

Scam Using NCGA's Name

NCGA is sorry to report that someone has been distributing checks ostensibly from NCGA to perpetuate a number of scams. These scams include sending people notice of “sweepstakes winnings” or “prize winnings” as well as using checks to try to purchase merchandise on sites like Craig’s List. We have been in close communication with our bank as well as the appropriate legal authorities. NCGA encourages anyone receiving these checks to destroy them immediately as they are not valid and will not be honored. No further action by consumers receiving these checks is being asked at this time.

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