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About Membership

Food co-ops throughout the U.S. are eligible for membership in NCGA. Find out more about the requirements and benefits of membership.

Participating in NCGA

NCGA offers two ways for interested co-ops to affiliate with us and participate in our programs and services: as members and as associate co-ops. These two levels offer different benefits and access, and also carry different requirements. We offer two levels because we realize not all organizations are able to meet and adhere to our membership requirements. At the same time, we recognize that we all gain by working together to strengthen all food co-ops and the entire retail food co-op system.

All co-ops interested in affiliating with NCGA must be independent food co-ops located and operating in the U.S. In addition, co-ops interested in affiliating with NCGA must agree to abide by NCGA’s national and corridor policies, as well as all appropriate program agreements.

Further details on the benefits and requirements of each of these affiliation options, as well as information on the application process, can be found in our background information. Additional important background materials are supplied in separate documents.

Application Deadlines

NCGA accepts, reviews, and recommendations action on applications twice a year. The deadline for applications is the first of January and the first of June.

If you have questions or would like an application, please submit a request through our online contact form.